Company philosophy

The so-called capacitance, is hold and release charge of electronic components. Capacitance of the
Basic knowledge of

1. For intelligent air conditioner thermostat market analyses
For a long time, in the electronics industry, the thermostat is developing fast. Because it is agile control regional air conditioning unit start-stop and indoor temperature

2. Low pressure contactor and the keen competition of the market
Now, low pressure contactor products have been very mature, and occupied most of the market share, these enterprises have the strong strength.
Micro switch the meanings

Enterprise idea: innovation and beyond, the brand, the responsibility

Gen new: innovation, do the industry best, the best products and service to the society

Super more: beyond the dream, surmount oneself, to further better target continuous efforts

Product brand: pay attention to brand, the implementation of brand strategy, create national industry fire brand

Any responsibility for society and for customers, provide the best service

Customer first: the customer is food and clothing parents, respect for others, smiling service

What is the capacitance
The working principle

Micro switch is a kind of pressure control fast switch, also called sensitive
About the most basic electronic components role is to block the flow of the current.

The thermostat is according to the object ReZhang shrink principle made from. ReZhang shrink is the
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